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Waxing is a popular choice for many women because the results last longer than shaving. A typical waxing procedure will give the average client a two-to-four week period of smooth skin. Wax can typically be used anywhere on the body. For women, eyebrow, lip and bikini waxes are often requested. The options for wax types are soft azulene wax and chocolate wax.

Best BIKINI Wax – From bikini treatments to full body hair removal, Sai Beauty Care devotes itself to providing you with virtually painless procedures while achieving the best results possible. Our treatments are all-inclusive, going beyond the ordinary. We are fanatical about your comfort. Because of this obsession, we stress the proper skincare before &after the hair removal process, so you leave feeling smooth, clean, & happy!

New Chocolate Waxing – Waxing-chocolate is the cream of hair removal. The treatment involves such gentle products that the waxing is a very pleasant experience that smells divine as well. The wax itself contains chocolate that is an anti inflammatory so any swelling or redness will be minimal. The wax also contains coca flavoring that relax the blood vessels and inhibits enzymes that can cause inflammation. The wax is also full of anti oxidants which help delay the skin from aging and promotes natural softness. It is ideal for mature, dry, rough or sensitive skin. We believe at sai beauty care that beauty treatments should be as pleasurable as possible. For the ultimate in waxing and pampering, try a luxury chocolate wax.

Benefits: You will notice less redness on your skin after being waxed. Expect smooth flawless skin with fewer ingrown hairs. Hair growth becomes lesser each time. The post wax essential oils applied to your skin to tone redness are a special aromatic treat.

Please let your esthetician know if you are using Retin-A, Renova, Accutane or are taking any antibiotics

NOTE:The best way to tell if your hair is long enough is to allow at least two weeks of growth after shaving the area. Please refrain from using an electric trimmer on the bikini area prior to the appointment. It makes the hair tough and more difficult to remove, If you have any allergies from wax let us know first.

After WaxingDon’t use your shower puff, loofah, or any scrubbing grains for at least 3 days. Avoid self tanner for a week. If you come in contact with direct sunlight, including a tanning booth, please use SPF 45.

Waxing here at Sai Beauty care is performed with our sensitive formula which contains azulene oil, a natural anti-inflammatory derived from the chamomile plant that helps to soothe your skin while waxing.

Benefits of Waxing