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Tinting Eyelash & Eyebrow

Face Experts give you a polished and defined look by adding a hint of tint to make pale or barely there brows and lashes pop! Well-groomed brows create a more defined and youthful appearance – while darker lashes make your eyes look bolder and brighter!

Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows. .”Tinting looks much more natural [than a brow pencil],”  A safe and effective semi-permanent hair-darkening tint treatment for eyelashes.

What is eyelash and eyebrow tinting?

Tinting is a process of applying a safe, semi-permanent dye to your eyelashes and eyebrows. The shade you and your esthetician choose for eyebrows and eyelashes is typically based on your current hair colour, and if you’re looking to achieve a natural or a more dramatic appearance. If you have light coloured hair, your lashes and brows will look best a couple of shades darker than your hair.

Tinting usually lasts for three to four weeks. It lasts longest when you keep your eyebrows well moisturized, and don’t use oil-based cleansers. Because dye is applied so close to the eyes, this is not a beauty treatment you should do at home.

After treatment care

After you get your eyelashes and eyebrows tinted, stay away from water for about 12 hours to let the dye settle in. You can still wash your face but use a cotton ball or pad with a mild gel or cream cleanser. If you wear contacts, you’ll need to leave them out until the next day so bring your spare glasses to the spa if you need them to see on your trip home. If your eyes feel sensitive after your tinting appointment, apply some eye drops to soothe them.

  • The classic pure black tints eyelashes and eyebrows pure deep black.
  • Particularly for all grey eyebrows  graphite is used, since this colour subtly covers greying or white hair evenly and gives it a light grey to dark grey shade.
  • Blue black is a black colour with a blue lustre providing additional depth to the tinting result.  blue black is ideal for clients who wish “a bit more“ than pure black; the colour goes very well with certain types of faces or eye make-up.
  • Deep blue is only suitable for light blonde and blonde lashes; now you can offer fashionable clients a perfect match of their eyelashes with blue eyes or eye make-up in blue shades.
  • Natural brown is a very dark, well covering brown which is ideal for clients with natural brown hair, who prefer a natural look. The eyelashes will be visible in their full length, look more voluminous and naturally beautiful.
  • Light brown is suitable for a discreet, natural looking enhancement of light blonde to light brown eyelashes and eyebrows, if  natural brown is perceived to be too dark.
  • Especially trendy is the matching of eyebrows with hair in red tones using the new colour  chestnut and  red.

Eyelashes and eyebrows tinted with Tinting simply look better!