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Bleach Facial

Bleach Ideal for sensitive skin, There are some herbs and natural things, which cleanse the skin, remove the dull upper layer adding instant glow at the same time. Taking the benefits of various herbs and extracting their herbal qualities Himalaya has come up with herbal bleach, which is Olivia Bleach. Olivia has these ingredients in it and all of them have been tested to be safe on human skin; Hydrogen Peroxide, Activated Charcoal, Ammonium Charcoal, and Cramp bark.

Bleaching helps to lighten the facial hair so that they are not visible much,This makes the skin looks fairer and smoother,Bleaching also takes off the dead skin layer which makes the skin glow,It helps totake off sun tanning tand marks off the skin.

Bleach on the face can give you skin whitening and skin lightening if you follow the steps correctly.

Benefits of Bleach Facial