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Threading is by far the gentlest form of hair removal, dating back centuries with its origins in Arabia &South Asia. The simple process involves a piece of thread that is twisted &pulled along areas of unwanted hair acting like a mini-lasso, lifting the hair follicle directly from the root without the use of any chemicals, sharp metal instruments or unnecessary tugging on delicate skin!

Although threading is by far the gentlest option for hair removal on the face’s delicate skin, We discovered that the treatment can still be painful for those who are more sensitive, especially in the often dreaded upper lip, chin and side burn areas. In hopes of eliminating discomfort &the unpleasant aftermath (aka redness), here at Sai Beauty care we have created a fresh perspective on this ancient art of hair removal. We have been meticulously trained in our signature threading technique that uses our exclusive line of hair removal products, incorporating our own secret recipes, ensuring that everything goes smoothly each step of the way: prep, remove, then soothe.

Threading is found by many to be much less painful than waxing. Since threading only targets the individual hairs, skin irritation is kept to a minimum, like waxing, which often causes unnecessary stretching and removal of the face’s delicate top layers of skin.

Benefits of Threading

  • The ouch(less) factor
  • An art of perfection
  • Natural (green technique)
  • We take it all off
  • The taming of the flame
  • Anti-acne
  • Wrinkle prevention


Waxing is a popular choice for many women because the results last longer than shaving. A typical waxing procedure will give the average client a two-to-four week period of smooth skin. Wax can typically be used anywhere on the body. For women, eyebrow, lip and bikini waxes are often requested. The options for wax types are soft azulene wax and chocolate wax.

Best BIKINI Wax – From bikini treatments to full body hair removal, Sai Beauty Care devotes itself to providing you with virtually painless procedures while achieving the best results possible. Our treatments are all-inclusive, going beyond the ordinary. We are fanatical about your comfort. Because of this obsession, we stress the proper skincare before &after the hair removal process, so you leave feeling smooth, clean, & happy!

New Chocolate Waxing – Waxing-chocolate is the cream of hair removal. The treatment involves such gentle products that the waxing is a very pleasant experience that smells divine as well. The wax itself contains chocolate that is an anti inflammatory so any swelling or redness will be minimal. The wax also contains coca flavoring that relax the blood vessels and inhibits enzymes that can cause inflammation. The wax is also full of anti oxidants which help delay the skin from aging and promotes natural softness. It is ideal for mature, dry, rough or sensitive skin. We believe at sai beauty care that beauty treatments should be as pleasurable as possible. For the ultimate in waxing and pampering, try a luxury chocolate wax.

Benefits: You will notice less redness on your skin after being waxed. Expect smooth flawless skin with fewer ingrown hairs. Hair growth becomes lesser each time. The post wax essential oils applied to your skin to tone redness are a special aromatic treat.

Please let your esthetician know if you are using Retin-A, Renova, Accutane or are taking any antibiotics

NOTE:The best way to tell if your hair is long enough is to allow at least two weeks of growth after shaving the area. Please refrain from using an electric trimmer on the bikini area prior to the appointment. It makes the hair tough and more difficult to remove, If you have any allergies from wax let us know first.

After Waxing: Don’t use your shower puff, loofah, or any scrubbing grains for at least 3 days. Avoid self tanner for a week. If you come in contact with direct sunlight, including a tanning booth, please use SPF 45.

Waxing here at Sai Beauty care is performed with our sensitive formula which contains azulene oil, a natural anti-inflammatory derived from the chamomile plant that helps to soothe your skin while waxing.

Benefits of Waxing

  • No irritations or allergies
  • No cuts or bruises
  • Stubble free skin
  • Slow hair re-growth

Benefits of Facials

CLEAR ANTI ACNE TREATMENT : As the name suggests, this treatment is ideal for curing acne and pimples. It removes impurities and cleans the pores. Its antiseptic properties prevent further outbursts of pimples.

The treatment is based on a highly effective and clinically proven procedure for the treatment of acne and pimples. It helps to decongestant and purify the skin, curing and soothing eruptions. The formulations used in the treatment have powerful healing properties and have a high success rate in controlling acne conditions and restoring health to the skin.

HERBAL DREAMS Facial  :Improves the tone of the skin, imparts radiance to dull skin and rejuvenates it. Precious herbs moisturize and nourish the skin.

Nourish your skin daily with Shahnaz Husain’s Shalife, an anti-wrinkle, vitaminized, skin-food cream for normal to dry skin. Keep the skin soft and smooth with Shamoist, Shahnaz Husain’s highly flexible moisture treatment.Tone, refine, refresh the skin with Sharose, specially formulated  for all skin types.

PEARL SHINE Facial  :This treatment is ideal for pigmented skin. It provides hydration to the skin, making it firm, soft, smooth and youthful.

 Based on Ayurveda, the Pearl Facial uses products which contain powder of pearls. Research has revealed that pearls influence the transfer of melanin (natural pigment) to the skin surface, filtering the sun’s rays and counteracting sun damage. Pearls also contain powerful nutritive elements, like amine acids, minerals and proteins, which strengthen the skin and improve its moisture retention ability. The facial gives way to a healthy radiant skin, with an even color tone.

GOLD GLOW Facial : This treatment encourages lymphatic drainage and removal of toxins and wastes. It improves blood circulation and skin elasticity, rejuvenating the skin and delaying the formation of lines and wrinkles.

The Gold Facial, based on Ayurveda, is a powerful anti-ageing treatment, with revitalizing and rejuvenating effects. Gold is one of the softest metals and is easily absorbed by the skin. It helps lymphatic drainage and facilitates the removal of toxins and wastes. It also stimulates blood circulation and improves skin elasticity, accelerating cell renewal and reversing oxidation damage.

DIAMOND LUXURY Facial : Provides maximum nutrition benefits and regenerates the skin. It not only cleanses and refines the skin but is also effective in minimizing fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage and acne scars.

The Diamond Facial, a powerful age-control treatment, is the latest in Shahnaz Husain’s repertoire of salon procedures. Centuries of practical applications have shown that the diamond influences the tissues of the human body in a way which facilitates decongestant and promotes the removal of toxins. This helps to oxygenate and purify the skin. The most potent effect of the diamond is its exfoliating and gentle dermabrasing action, which helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. It awakens dormant cells and boosts the skin’s metabolic functions. The cellular life of the skin and the regeneration of healthy new cells are enhanced. Based on Ayurveda, the diamond facial is like an elixir of youth for timeless eternal beauty.

OXYGEN FRESHNESS Facial : Effective in revitalizing and restoring the skin, it has been specially designed to infuse the skin with oxygen for instant revitalization.

The Oxygen Facial provides instant revitalization, using the most powerful level of natural energy. It creates an enriched oxygen layer and helps to transport oxygen molecules directly into the skin. The antibacterial and germicidal action of Oxygen cream also inhibits bacteria and prevents skin problems. The facial infuses the skin with essential minerals and natural vitamins, providing ideal nourishment and bringing visible health, vitality and beauty to the skin.

FLOWER POWER MAGIC : The unique blend of natural extracts of sunflower, marigold and lotus rejuvenates dull and dehydrated skin, making it soft supple and radiant.

EYE TREATMENTS : Antioxidants like carrot seed extract and date extract, natural sources of Vitamin A, C and E condition and brighten the area around the eyes, reducing fine lines and puffiness, leaving under-eye skin looking youthful and radiant.

3 in 1 FACIAL TREATMENT : This facial provides 3 effective facial treatments simultaneously. It combines gentle exfoliation, natural skin oxygenation, and a deep facial rejuvenation with the infusion of essential revitalizing nutrients

Breakthrough  Technology provides superior anti-aging results by treating the skin at a deeper level. Exfoliate, Infuse, and Oxygenate your way to youthful skin. Learn more about  below.

3-in-1 therapy. Better results.

  • Plump and hydrate
  • Restore skin volume
  • Renew youthful glow
  • Revitalize dull complexion
  • Reduce appearance of wrinkles
  • Firm skin and tighten pores
  • Improve skin cell production
  • Reduce appearance of pigmentation
  • Safe for ANY skin type!
Skin transforming formulation which recharges skin's electrical balance to improve its absorption of beneficial nutrients. This helps to deliver nutrients into the skin’s deepest layer.


  • 3 in 1 FACIL

Bleach Facial

Bleach Ideal for sensitive skin, There are some herbs and natural things, which cleanse the skin, remove the dull upper layer adding instant glow at the same time. Taking the benefits of various herbs and extracting their herbal qualities Himalaya has come up with herbal bleach, which is Olivia Bleach. Olivia has these ingredients in it and all of them have been tested to be safe on human skin; Hydrogen Peroxide, Activated Charcoal, Ammonium Charcoal, and Cramp bark.

Bleaching helps to lighten the facial hair so that they are not visible much,This makes the skin looks fairer and smoother,Bleaching also takes off the dead skin layer which makes the skin glow,It helps totake off sun tanning tand marks off the skin.

Bleach on the face can give you skin whitening and skin lightening if you follow the steps correctly.

Benefits of Bleach Facial

  • Olivia herb Bleach
  • Super Dimond Bleach cream
  • 24ct Gold perfect Glow
  • Shine perfect Diamond
  • Organic Herbal Bleach Cream

Diamond Microdermabrasion Facial

Today, microdermabrasion is the fastest growing application for skin resurfacing technology. As a non-invasive technique, it respects the skin’s integrity and corrects numerous skin conditions while creating healthy, vital skin. It provides gentle effective peeling of the skin and only works on the epidermal layer. Microdermabrasion is fast and pain free skin care treatment, leaving little or no redness.

Why does the skin benefit from Microdermabrasion? Approximately every 28 days we create a new layer of skin. As new cells form they push their way to the surface and then dead cells settle on the surface. This can cause enlarged pores, clogged pores, a bumpy uneven texture, and a dull appearance. As we age this process slows down leading to the appearance of older skin with less radiance.

How many treatments do you need? This treatment is meant to be progressive not aggressive. Generally results are more noticeable after the third treatment. After the first session the skin will appear fresher, cleaner, smoother and softer for some clients. Usually treatments are performed every 4 weeks, but can be done more frequently. A typical course of treatment is a series of six Microdermabrasion sessions. Maintenance treatments are suggested once every one to one and a half months.

The most common areas that are treated are the face and neck. In addition we can treat the chest, shoulders, back, hands, knees and elbows. Any body area can be treated. It is very important not exercise for 24 hours after a treatment. Perspiration will produce a stinging sensation on newly treated skin which can take several hours to dissipate

Used to treat

  • Aging and sun-damaged skin
  • Some types of scaring and acne
  • Altered pigmentation
  • Stretch Marks
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Enlarged, clogged pores
  • Skin and body rejuvenation

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) for Hair Removal

NEW Smart system SHR hair removal machine wrinkle and acne removal IPL hair removal (PAIN FREE)

IPL Belle-SHR is the first and only technology that combines optical (light) energy. Gentle pulses of targeted energy isolate the treatment area and leave the surrounding skin free from potentially harmful side effects. In addition to permanent hair reduction for most hair colors and skin types, IPL effectively and comfortably treats rosacea, spider veins; skin imperfections caused by sun damage, age spots, enlarged pores and uneven skin tones. A series of IPL treatments will leave your skin smoother clearer with a tighter more youthful appearance.

The light depletes the hair follicle of moisture, causing it to burn and die.  The IPL hair removal adopts the photo-thermal therapy and it can be selectively absorbed by the target while leaving the surrounding skin undamaged. As IPL hair removal therapy eliminates the unwanted hair from the hair root to the tip, the DermaLase IPL device has proven to be a very effective long-term hair removal technique.

Sai beauty care Equipment’s Belle-SHR IPL Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation machine can help you provide effective, pain-free treatments to your clientele.

Hair Growth Cycle 

It can take six to twelve weeks for a hair to grow from the papilla to the surface of the skin.

Every hair in our body goes through the three phases of the hair growth cycle: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. At any given time about 85%-90% of your hair is in the Anagen phase (active stage), 1-2% is in the Catagen phase (transitional stage), and 10-14% is in the Telogen phase (resting stage).

The Anagen phase is the best time to target as the hair is well situated in the follicle for the IPL to seek and destroy.

Due to the different cycles, 6-8 treatments are recommended on average, spaced out according to the growth cycle.  The time it takes to complete a full program varies from person to person and the location of the hair on the body, but is typically 12-24 months.

Are there any possible side effects? Advances in technology have made side effects rare. Blistering, redness and soft scabbing sometimes occurs at the treatment site. These resolve quickly within a day or two. Occasionally, skin color can temporarily be altered becoming either lighter or darker. This condition usually corrects itself. Side effects are often related to sun exposure. Minimize the risk of complications: limit sun exposure for 2 weeks before and after treatments.

Who are candidates for treatment? Women and children may undergo laser/light hair removal. Advances in technology allow clinicians to treat all skin types. The number of treatments and the strength of each treatment vary from person to person and are customized to each client. For more information, please ask your laser hair clinician.

The IPL devices used in aesthetic medicine and dermatology are to remove some pathological or aesthetic imperfections of the skin.

Pain free IPL treatments

  • Hair Removal
  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Wrinkle Removal
  • Pigment Therapy
  • Vascular Therapy
  • Acne and Pimples Removal

Tinting & eyelash Lift treatment

Face Experts give you a polished and defined look by adding a hint of tint to make pale or barely there brows and lashes pop! Well-groomed brows create a more defined and youthful appearance – while darker lashes make your eyes look bolder and brighter!

Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows. .”Tinting looks much more natural [than a brow pencil],”  A safe and effective semi-permanent hair-darkening tint treatment for eyelashes.

eyelash curling treatment

A lash lift is basically a perm that provides weeks-long lift and curl to your lashes without having to mess with tools, curling wands, and false lashes. Also nicknamed “lash perm,” this procedure works with a keratin solution to create volume.

You’ll need to get the procedure done again after a few months in order to maintain results.

Like any cosmetic treatment, no matter how popular, lash lifts aren’t without risk. There are serious side effects to consider — which can be made worse.

Learn more about the risks involved, as well as the possible alternatives to this increasingly popular beauty treatment.

What to know about lash lifts

A lash lift takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Before your visit, if you normally wear contact lenses, you’ll want to remove them and wear eyeglasses instead.

You’ll also want to make sure that your eyelids and lashes are clean: They should be completely free of makeup or residue — this includes mascara and the oils that some makeup removers leave behind.

If you have a history of certain eye or skin conditions, the ingredients can cause a reaction. These conditions include:

  • eye allergies
  • eye infections
  • skin sensitivity
  • styes
  • chronic dry eye
  • watery eyes

It’s also important to understand what you can expect from a lash lift. For example, the resulting curl will shorten the appearance of your lashes. Depending on the length of your eyelashes and the desired results, this effect may or may not be ideal.


You might also be more prone to irritation due to the chemicals contained in the solution if you have a history of dry eye, allergies, and eye or skin sensitivities.

Side effects from the solution include:

  • blisters
  • rash
  • redness
  • dry eye
  • watery eyes
Eyelash perms: Bigger, brighter eyes — no makeup required!

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For the foreseeable future, all of the following policies will be strictly required to enter Sai Beauty Care • As usual, all clients will be required to wash their hands before and after entering Sai Beauty Care, as well as use hand sanitizer • Everyone is required to wear a mask, or you are welcome to purchase one for $2 • No guest are permitted during your appointment • If you, or anyone you are in contact with are experiencing flu-like symptoms, please contact me to reschedule your appointment asap, and please refrain from staying home • Clients will have their temperature taken with a contactless infrared thermometer before entering • Maximum 2 people are allowed in, if there are more than 2 please wait outside Thank you Sai Beauty Care Parul Patel Stay Safe